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Detriot/Ontario GTG plans!!

Hi ladies,

The date we've been waiting for is getting close! Our GTG in London Ontario is going to be on Saturday August 28. I have put together a plan (with help from Stina) so please let me know if you like this, or you'd rather do something else.

We're going to meet and have lunch (and cocktails!) at Jack Astors in south London. The address is 1070 Wellington Road, London. It is right off the highway so it'll be easy for everyone to get to. They have a patio so if it's nice (and not too hot!) we can sit outside. I was thinking we'd meet between 1-2pm since everyone has a long drive. Does that work for you ladies? What do you perfer (1 or 2?)

After lunch we can head downtown, it's about an 8 minute drive from the restaurant (We'll take as few cars as possible). There is a festival going on downtown so we can just wander around and check that out, people watch etc. Then we can stroll the streets and do some window shopping, maybe find a Starbucks and sit on a patio and enjoy a cold drink after we shop! Then we'll head back to our cars and say goodbye.

How does that sound to everyone? Please let me know if you have any other ideas! I'm so excited!

PS- Irishkatie80 says hi and she will be at the GTG! She has a shadow at work so she has to behave herself and not go on TK :( But she promises to be back as soon as she can shake her stalker ;)

Re: Detriot/Ontario GTG plans!!

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    This sounds like is going to be so much fun. I wish I could go Frown

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    That sounds great! I totally don't mind carpooling with some of the Detroit girls to get there, so if we're going to do that we should hash out a plan for that. 1:00 sounds good to me honestly, but I'm not picky about the time either.
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    Sounds fun!  Thanks for making the game plan Amanda!  2pm sounds good to me.  Do you know what type of ffestival it is?

    Side note:  Lana and Lindsay,  Are you two coming? If so, we could maybe drive together and make this one our regular GTG for this month.  What do you both think? 

    **edit: I guess I posted this at the same time as you Lindsay. Great minds think alike! Haha
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    ::butting in::

    I want a GTG...super jealous!  Have a drink for me and take pics!

    ::okay, butting out::
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    Girls- I'm SOOOOOO bummed!!!!! :( I found out last week that my aunt is having a family picinic in Ohio that weekend so I won't be able to go to the GTG. And I was so looking forward to going and hanging out with everyone! I'm very jealous... Anyway I hope you all have a TON of fun without me (lol). Maybe we can do another one again in the not-too-distant future... Sorry about my lame-ness but believe me I wish I could go!
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    Tamara- It's an Italian festival! Here's the description from the London travel website:
    Aug 27 to Aug 29
    The Italian Market celebrates all that is Italian in a three-day festival that presents dancing, Italian food and more. Evening entertainment includes Italian opera's and a fashion show, to name a few. The Italian Brunch is sure to fill even the most robust of appetites. An Italian car is usually one of the attractions and is on display throughout the festival.

    Sounds kinda fun, no?

    Lana- Boo! I'm so sad you can't join us! We will definitely do it again though! :)
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