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I have checks to share?

Today I:

-Completed the seating chart for the AHR
-Came up with table names and did quick designs for them
-Ordered our fingerprint tree guestbook thing from etsy
-Made all of the badges for the October 2011 board's Superlatives 

What's left?

-Making a packing list for Hawaii
-Picking up my dress (Friday!!!)
-Coming up with dry activities to replace snorkeling & beach time (I might cry over this one, I was SO excited, I used to be obsessed with salt water fish and I know all of their common and scientific names. I'm really sad we can't do this now)
-Getting a contract from the hotel for us to take photos on the grounds and pay for it... which they were supposed to send me yesterday.
-Burn wounds need to heal
-I don't know... get married?

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