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Good Morning!!

Good morning ladies!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and if you are doing wedding planning things today, I hope you have productive days.  We are heading out in the boat to go over to a small island called Hans Lollik for the day.  I'm praying I don't get burnt.  I have SPF 80 sunscreen and I will be applying it on a regular basis.  With a week to go that's all I need to do is get a sunburn and peel...LOL!!  Anyway, I will catch up on what I missed today when we get back, have a great day!!

Re: Good Morning!!

  • One week to go, Denise!!! Have a great time on the boat today :) FI and I are just kickin' around before it's cool enough to go on a bike ride :)

    Have a fabby one ladies.

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  • Morning!

    Denise, you enjoy your last weekend as a SINGLE woman!!!  And Marcia, have a safe bike ride!!

    As for me, I'm going to hit our den today.  I know, I know, it's been over a month since our last AHR and I should have tackled this when we first returned, but....I've been too lazy!!  Brian would really like his den back,  Right now it's filled with nothing but wedding related odds and ends, along with baking/cake decorating stuff scattered throughout.  You can't even see the top of the desk in there.  Wish me luck!!

    Have a great day ladies!!



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  • Morning :)

    Sounds like you ladies have a more eventful day than myself! Have fun =]

    I'm working until 4 and then I need to go to my (now) old home and make sure it's all clean and everything is out, as it's our last official day in there. Going to have the new apartment all to myself tonight so I think I'm going to have some friends over for wine. :)

    Have a GREAT day ladies. I may be a little MIA for awhile, we don't have internet at that apartment until FI gets a new job.
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  • Happy Saturday morning,

    Today I have a bridal shower for my friend! I hope she loves everything :)  Then a group of us are going out this evening. Should be a long but fun day!

    Have a good one!
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  • Good morning ladies!

    I just have some clothes to wash and some last minute things to purchase for the trip.  Then we have plans of going to a friends BBQ this afternoon.

    Make it a good one ladies!
  • Morning ladies!'s been a busy morning already!  Went for a walk/run with my dog, Kota; went to the farmer's market to get fresh produce (love spending under $5 and getting tons of veggies!); went to Maurice's and got 2 dresses for $12 and got a new hair dryer and birthday gift.  Then I picked up some movies for tonight as FI's works and I'm all in all, not a bad morning!  On the flip side, my mom has been sick for a week and I dropped her off at urgent fingers crossed it isn't pneumonia or something...she sounded horrible!
  • MMMM I want some fresh veggies! I love the farmers market, unfortunately we dont have one in our area :0(

    Hope everyone has had a great day. I'm about to do the 30 day shred video and read some more out of my new book while I wait on FI to get home from work.
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