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MOVING to my destination wedding location

anybody in the same boat as me? moving to where you destination wedding is? I think a lot of our planning is similar to what it's like planning for a destination wedding. but some of it has been annoying.

So my FI is Australian and I grew up in NJ. We've been in Oz for the past year, having the wedding in NJ (Jan2011) and moving there. Probably moving to NJ in Sept/Oct. so we've been planning the wedding from Australia thus far. (all the moving has been due to Visas)

Dress was tricky. I've been looking for them in Australia, but getting it over to the States would be difficult. since i'm moving, I have too much stuff to be able to take it on the plane with me. and shipping makes me nervous. But I've found a store in NJ that sells the dress I want and tried on here, just telling them what size it is, and they're able to get it for me and send it to my mom.

kinda sucks that I can't go looking at  dresses with BMs, but I'm fine with giving them a fair bit of liberty in finding what they like and sending photos. guest list has been a pain too, but i won't go into that.

I'm hoping the bakery is ok with waiting until Sept/Oct for me to see them about the cake. I've been in touch with them via email. oh and the venue, went looking for that a year ago and picked one before we left in July (we've been engaged since Jan09 btw)

With flowers and centrepieces and stuff, is there much control you can have over that having a destinatiion wedding? or do you just kinda tell the venue what you want and hope it turns out ok.

Sorry that was really long. Just thought I'd see if there's anyone else out there who can relate! and destination wedding gals can give some input on how planning has been for them, with things like decorations :)

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"Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>

Re: MOVING to my destination wedding location

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    umm cool i just posted a response and it didn't appear. here we go again, for like the 50th time lol

    Thanks for the input, Catalina!

    Fortunately I'm not too fussed about flowers (I'm no expert) and my mom & MOH are over there if i need them to do anything--I trust their judgement :)

    but I'm thinking "a winter wonderland", without the Christmassy tackiness. some nice white flowers (whatever's in season) with a fair bit of green leaves, and some red & gold accents. i also think the roses (or whatever) floating in water are really nice :)

    i like the white/gold branchy decorations for around the venue. maybe even white poinsettias and/or holly somewhere.

    (this time *ctrl+c* before i click "add post"!)

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    "Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>
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