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Sarah & Marisa

Just wanted to thank both of you lovely ladies! 

Sarah - Thanks for introducing me to the world of shellac! I got my shellac french manicure today and LOVE IT! The lady said it should last 4 weeks?! Say What!? I'm only expecting 2 but she said with the french you can go longer cuz the growth isnt as noticeable. I can't wait til it's warmer and I can get my toes done! (Im so jealous of your AZ weather, we actually had snow at my house the other day!) 

Marisa - Thanks to your rad shopping skills, my adorable flip flops came in the mail today and I Love them even more in person, the flowers are so pretty and the color will match my dress perfectly! Yay happy feet.

And to anyone else who has read this far...The heels that I ordered along with the flip flops came in today and I'm debating on weather I should return them. They're really comfy (i feel like i could almost run in em!) But the color is a little dingey (like an off white), there was a little bit of some grease stain on the satin bow (i can probably get it out) and I feel like my toes look sorta silly in them because my pinky toes are so dang short they don't even peek out! So it looks like I only have 4 toes! ha. Maybe nobody will be paying close enough attention though? So should I keep or return these?

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    Yay!!! I love them! I can't wait to get mine...which should be here soon! Just out of curiosity, do you have any pics of your dress? I would love to see it if you do!

    Glad you like them girl! Now we are wedding day shoe twins :)

    Love the heels too!
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    I just checked out your planning bio and saw the pics of your dress....GORGEOUS! Those flippies are gonna look perfect with it!!
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    Love the shoes. Very cute. I see what you mean about the pinky toe lol. That's a hard decision to make. Why don't you try it on with your dress and see how it looks. Color might no be that noticeable

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    I love the flops even more in your photo than in the stock photo as well.  As for your heels, they are very similar to mine (in my bio) so I of course love them!  There's just something about the tie heels that I'm a sucker for.  Mine are cut slightly different/thinner across the toe though, not sure if that would make a difference for your pinky or not (though I doubt anyone would notice once you're in your dress).  Pics in bio-

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    We broke 100 degrees yesterday!  So toasty :)  Your nails look fabulous!

    Love the shoes, I totally understand what you mean by the 4 toe thing.  Some shoes are just weird and do that to me too.  I don't think people will notice, but if you're going to be self conscious of them, send them back.

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