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I need some advice (sorry, all my posts seem to be looong)

So, my FI and I are planning our DW wedding in P*unta Cana.  Everything's been going okay with family and friends.  Until tonight. 

We are having a very small wedding party.  1 person each. We do not want a big wedding party. My MOH is my friend Krista that I have known since high school (I'm 33 yrs, fyi)  although we never became really close until shortly after graduation.  There are a couple reasons why I chose her as my only attendant.  First, she is my closest friend at this point in my life.  Second, out of all the people I would consider to be MOH, she is the only one living in the same city as me, so planning and shopping and stuff would be easy with her. 

I have two sisters, my FSIL, and another old friend from high school who I would love to have inlcuded in the wedding, if we were having a different kind of wedding. 

So the problem is my other old high school friend, Karen.  She flipped out tonight when she found out who my MOH is.   Here;s the backstory.  Karen and Krista were actually very good friends since elementary school, and I met them both during junior high.  Karen and Krista had a falling out about 3 years ago, and haven't spoken since.  Meanwhile, my friendship with karen has been gradually changing over the last 6 years or so, to the point we were only speaking on the phone  1 or 2 times a month, if that.  I've always made it clear to both of them that I was friends with the other, but it's pretty obvious that I'm closer to Krista.  So, anyway, talking to Karen tonight, she said she is very hurt and feels like she was stabbed in the back by what I did. She said she is not sure she will still come to the wedding.

If you made it through all that, thank you!! I know it sounds so much like high school.  I can't really believe she would make such a big deal out of it.  I was expecting some tension at the wedding between her and Krista, but thought we're all adults, so I'm not gonna have to referee anything.

So here are my questions. Was I wrong to choose Krista as my MOH, even though she was the best person to choose? And should I still send her a STD card, and later on an invite?  I"m planning on mailing STDs this week.
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