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Can I Throat Punch Thursday???

Ok, here it is . . .

TP to the girl who strung me along for a month about possibly being roommates during grad school, only to FB me today telling me she doesn't think it would work out.  Now I have to figure out how to swing an apartment in the city without a roommate.

TP to FI's best man for not booking his hotel or flight yet.  The whole "I'm irresponsible and apathetic" thing was cute when we were 19, but now that we're almost 27, it's pathetic.  

TP to my crappy crappy day which included every crazy patient in a 20 mile radius.  

TP to my to do list, which isn't getting any smaller.

TP to FI (a small, gentle one) for not doing ANYTHING on his to do list for the past two weeks.

TP to TK because this is the second time I've had to type this because it lost the first one.

Ok I'm done.  Thanks for listening ladies!! I've been looking forward to coming home and posting this all day.
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