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Key West Wedding????

I'm trying to figure out where to even have my wedding at this point! My fiance wants a destination wedding, which we immediately thought of Mexico and Hawaii, but now we are leaning towards Key West, Florida. It may be a little easier for people to get to because we and most of family/friends live in Iowa.
I've looked up some hotels online in Key West which all look nice in the pictures. Has anyone had or gone to a wedding at a hotel in Key West?? I doubt we will have the money to go for an exploratory trip, so I'm going to have to trust pictures and the people at the hotels. I want them to do it all - flowers, cake, decorations, officiant.
Any help would be much appreciated - if you've been to a wedding in the Keys, let me know!
Oh, we're thinking February 2012.

Re: Key West Wedding????

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    I am getting married in Islamorada, FL in June.  It is somewhat the northern part of the Keys. We are having an intimate ceremony at the Cheeca Lodge.  There website is  The place in absolutely beautiful.  They have a wedding planner on site. They have arranged everything for me. From hair and make-up- to ceremony- to an intimate dinner on the beach for us after the ceremony (We are eloping).  If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you.
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    I'm getting married in KW next month. We're using Soiree Key West for our services. The ceremony is on Smather's Beach and the reception is on a catamaran.
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    I'm getting married in KW too.  We have been there twice, so I knew it was a nice place for a DW.  You can have any type of wedding you are looking for in KW - simple or extravagant.  We looked at the Marriott Beachside and Ocean Key.  Both were nice, but we decided on the Hyatt.  At times, planning a DW can be frustrating, but the people on here are always great help!
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    We're getting married in KW in February 2011.  We're getting married on Ft. Zach Taylor beach and the reception is at Kellys Carribbean, restaurant in downtown.  Our WC from Kellys is helping us with everything. 

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    This is all great help ladies!! I'm glad there are other people thinking and doing the same things I was thinking. Sometimes you wonder if you are being realistic or just crazy!
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    MoriaMN - Love your wedding dress!!
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    Soon2BMrs.Diaz - Thanks for the note about Cheeca Lodge! It looks really nice! The room prices look to be pretty good too - I know we are going to have to help out some family members with the cost of all of this.
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    Alicia1977 - Thanks for the good note! What made you guys pick the Hyatt?? I too am liking the Marriott Oceanside, and the Reach Resort.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Key West Wedding????</a>:
    [QUOTE] I too am liking the Marriott Oceanside, and the Reach Resort.
    Posted by EllenG27[/QUOTE]

    Ellen, I just wanted to give you a small warning that the Marriott is in New Town and not within walking distance of any of the action of Key West.  Personally I always prefer to stay in Old Town within a few blocks of Duval Street because I think that area is a true Key West experience and you don't have to rely on shuttles & taxis to get around.  Most of the other hotels/resorts people have mentioned are in excellent locations throughout Old Town.
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    We just got married Oct. 16, 2010 in KW. We had a great time and would recommend KW. We got married on Sunset Key, which was beautiful. We stayed at The Westin and The Westin did all of the catering. Everything with the wedding went great. The Westin Hotel is terrible. They were very rude to us and our guests. They had no desire to help and acted as if we were a burden! There are many great hotels in KW, DO NOT use The Westin.

    I would highly recommend Key West Cakes, Marie-Pierre for hair/make-up, and Mama Flowers. These vendors are EXCELLANT!!!

    Good luck and enjoy!
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