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Whatever Goes Wednesday....

What up girls?!  You all know the deal!  Anything goes today...

So any baseball fans out there?!  I know I'm like the lone FL girl on this board, so I would think we have some Red Sox fans out there...  FI and I are pretty die hard Rays fans and we are just ecstatic about our little battle against the Red Sox for the wild card!  As crazy as this season has been - we seriously may make the playoffs!!!!  We are heading to the last game of the season tonight against the Yanks and if we win and Boston loses we are IN!  If we both win, there's a one game "playoff" at the Trop tomorrow!  YAY!  GO RAYS!

Sorry I know this is boring for lots of you, but it's WGW, so feel free to change the sibject!! :) Haha!
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