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Stalking mailman for ornament

I'm sure it's on it's way so I've been stalking the mailman for it, poor guy thinks I'm insane....LOL!!!!

Re: Stalking mailman for ornament

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     I am sure it will be there soon!! I ordered one for myself when I ordered yours and I got my last Friday.. I have been lurking for a post that you got it, hope you enjoy!! I just checked the tracking for it and all it says is "in transit". 
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    LOL, I come home for lunch and he's usually around here so I always stop and ask, any packages today and he just rolls his eyes...LOL!!!  Luckily for him, we're going to Orlando for Christmas and I'm having all the gifts I bought sent right to my mom or he would be delivering packages to me almost everyday!  Maybe I should be nice and bake him some nice cookies!!  LOL!!!
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