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Tungsten Wedding Bands

This may be stupid, but I didn't know you couldn't engrave tungsten weding bands like other ones. It makes sense, but I hadn't thought about it.

Apparently you can have it sent off and done, but it takes a long time and is more expensive. So, just FYI on that. Matt was prety disappointed.

Re: Tungsten Wedding Bands

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    You can't typically size Tungsten wedding bands either.
    We got DH a Tungsten wedding band and it was actually too big for him by the time we got married, so we had to order a new one once we got back from Aruba.
    They actually had to re-order a new size rather than just sizing it & it took about 3 weeks to come in! DH & I had just gotten married and he didn't have his wedding band for the holidays!! It kinda sucked!

    I guess the metal is very brittle.
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