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Last Post...Short and Sweet (I hope!)

I know that just about every last post begins with "I cannot believe how fast" and "how thankful I am for this board"...well, this one is no different.

Time has simply flown.  We got engaged last March, and started planning about a month afterwards.  We quickly decided on a DW, and we were drowning in ideas until I found this board.  I have gotten so many ideas, thoughts, answers, and kind words from all of you and all those who have gone before.  I cannot imagine (sanely) planning a DW without you all. 

I will miss you dearly (though not too much...I mean, I'll have other things on my mind!) this week.  I do, however, know that we have internet access in the DR since my sister has been emailing me from there.  So, I will try to update you all at least once. 

Again, thank you all a million times over and HASTA LUEGO! 

Re: Last Post...Short and Sweet (I hope!)

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