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My poor little mommy :( & my reception dress

I went dress shopping with my mom again today and we went into every single women's apparel store in the mall and found nothing D: Every dress she tried on was far too huge. Size 0's looked like 10's or 12's on her. 

We got some ice cream at Coldstone afterwards to try and cheer her up and she cried :( She was sooooo upset that it's so hard for her to go shopping. It's such a struggle and I feel so bad :( She's 5'5 and she weighs 85 lbs. She's super super skinny. My poor beautiful mommy. We're going to go back to the bridal shop we went to a couple of months ago and see if we can order a dress. She's going to have to do alterations no matter what dress she ends up with. My poor skinny mini. 

On a positive note, which I'm sure didn't help how she felt at all, I found a dress to wear to our reception! So now I can wear my real dress for the TTD and if it's not able to come clean in time I have a backup plan. It was only $50 on sale at Macys!

Re: My poor little mommy :( & my reception dress

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    JessiiJJessiiJ member
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    :( Poor mommy
    My MOH's mom went through the same for her (my MOHs) wedding. She ended up with two dresses!! One for the ceremony and one for the reception. People don't realize "skinny" women have it hard too, they just assume "skinny" people have no problem finding things to wear and that everything always fits. 
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    That reception dress is cute! You look great in it! My MOH is like 5'5" and super skinny (like 105 though). Has your mom tried juniors dresses? We found my MOH's dress from in XS and she only has to get the sash altered into a halter style top. I know they sell it in black as well. Here's a pic 

    I'm not sure what color/style your mom is lookin for...hopefully she has some luck soon though! Poor tiny momma. 
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    That makes dress shopping very frustrating!  Hope your mom finds something that she loves!  On the flip side, I love your reception dress! 
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    That is definately very frustrating! I would definately try the juniors department, thats a good idea. Very cute reception dress as well!
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    breanessbreaness member
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    That Delias dress is cute-- I'll try it out :)

    We were trying the juniors department and for the most part everything was still too big.. She found one that fit okay in the juniors section of Macys (it was still a 0) but it was too short. :( Poor thing. I joked that I could get her a flower girl dress ;)

    I think we're going to go back to the bridal shop that we found a dress that she liked before. It was a size 8 and she had to clip it, but the style was nice and the material felt great. I normally give her my hand-me-downs so she doesn't have to deal with the anxiety of shopping.

    When my mom & dad met, he bought her clothes from the kids section!
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