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Vent...Photographer Issues

Hey ladies!

Has anyone else been having issues with their resort and bringing an outside photographer?

Just found out since my guest list is going to be between 50 and 100 people, I will have to pay a fee of $1,000 to bring an outside photographer in. If I had less than 50 people, it would be $500.

Can't really find any way around it other than having the photographer stay a night at the resort as a guest. But the photographers I've been looking at are locals to the area so that option of having them stay as a guest doesn't really work.

Any suggestions? I may just have to go with the resort photographer.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)
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Re: Vent...Photographer Issues

  • Hi There! Yes the resorts all have that policy. My photographers will be guests at the hotel so we do not have to pay additional for them. The $1000 price seems right but maybe you can get a discount on that price. If anything, paying one night for your photographer to stay at the hotel is probably A LOT cheaper than paying $1000. Best of luck!
  • Thanks for the info! I was thinking about booking a room. The problem is convincing the photographer to stay there. I figured the resort would probably be strict about making sure the individual checked in and checked out. Otherwise, I would probably just book the room even if they had no intention of staying there.
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  • We are also doing the same thing our outside vendor fee is 500 so our photog is staying but we are bringing her from Phoenix and she is staying at the resort for 4 days. I dont think they are going to be concerned if they check in and out, they just want the money from the room.. I wouldnt worry too much about it, they should be able to work with you.
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