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Flip flops. heels or barefoot??

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the board and definitely need some assistance.  I'm pretty torn on the footwear for my dress.  I'm naturally more of a flip flop girl but i'm worried I won't feel as glamourous just wearing flip flops with my gown.  What type of shoes are you girls wearing?  Or is anyone doing a combo heels then comfy shoes?
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Re: Flip flops. heels or barefoot??

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    DiamondDaniDiamondDani member
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    I ordered some flat beaded sandals earlier this week. I wanted something more dressy than flip flops, but I didn't want a heel. Here's a link to the page on my bio that has a picture of them...
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    I hear you on the flip flops. I would wear them every day if possible, but then it doesn't seem "right" to have them on underneath your dress, even if they are fancier ones. 

    I'm going barefoot for the actual ceremony and then wearing some sparkly red ruby slipper flats afterwards (thanks to Sarah on this board who found me some).

    If you are getting married on the beach, I think heels will be difficult.  I know some here are wearing wedges. 
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    I'm wearing heel for the ceremony, but we are getting married in a church.  I have flip flops to change into afterwards.  See my bio.
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    I wore flip flops for my wedding.  It really was the esiest thing.  THe sand was too hot to go barefoot.  I actually have a pair of flip flops for sale that didn't fit me.  They are a size 10, but would probably better fit a size 9-9 1/2 let me know if you'd like me to send you a picture.

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    I'm wearing these for the ceremony from  they have them in a few colors.  Haven't found my reception shoes yet.
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    Some people told me flip flops would not work because they would kick up sand.  Did you guys not experience this?  I was plannning on doing barefoot sandals.
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    I'm wearing these for our beach wedding:

    And probably these for our AHR:

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    I am actually wearing baby blue flip flops as my something blue. I think it will make me feel rebellious on my wedding be wearing something so informal with my nice dress...same for the AHR.
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    I am doing a beach wedding in Mexico and I bought wedges just because I am short (5'2) and I wanted as little of my dress cut off as possible. I think what I have will work or at least they're going to have to now. HEHE. I actually bought mine off ebay and got them for less than $20.

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    DiamondDani, I love your sandals.  do you mind sharing where you ordered them from?  We're getting married in a gazebo, but I still don't want to wear heels.  I wear heels almost everyday but would love to wear flip flops instead.  I guess I'm feeling rebelious...definitely want flats on the big day.
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