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Engagement shoot this morning!

I am so excited about our engagement session this morning. It was FREEZING though! Who would have thought that 53 degrees wasn't warm enough? Well, not me apparently. I did not take wind into consideration. We've been home for 2.5 hours and my feet are still a little numb. Yikes!

But we went to two really neat, VERY different locations. I got some screen grabs from google maps street view to show you guys. 

The first stop was by the washington monument in Baltimore. There was a really neat looking building on the corner and the trees were in bloom :)

The next stop was a broken down rail car off of a back road. The car itself was covered in the google maps street view pictures, but it was really cool and rustic. Around it was all these neat industrial looking things. We probably should have made sure we were up on our tetanus shots before heading out there but I've gotta say it was a great location :)

I can't wait to get the pictures back! She said 2 weeks or less. She's working on editing a wedding and if she gets done with that sooner than expected we'll see our pictures sooner :)

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