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DIY flip flops

So, my plan is to go barefoot for the ceremony.  However, after thinking about the fact that the sand could be incredibly hot I thought it might be a good idea to have flip flops on hand.  I decided that I would clean up a pair of white flip flops that I already have from old navy.  I used some bleach and managed to get them pretty white (white enough as they won't show really anyway). 

I had ordered some palm fans off the classifieds board and they each had two colors of ribbon on them.  Blue and green.  I decided I didn't want the hanging strands of ribbon so I removed them and just left the handles wrapped in ribbon.  So.....I have all this extra ribbon laying around.

Here is what I've completed so far:  

I'm going to do something with some rhinestones too but just decided today that I wanted to do this so I have to go shopping. 

What do you think? I figure I can still wear them after too so these are my "free" ceremony shoesLaughing
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