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I Think Lisa and I Should Start Our Own Club (LONG)

because my wedding, once again, has been put off.

This time, not by me. Thank god, I hadn't done anything rash like just make the plans because lord knows my MIL would have made it about her and would have made my life a living hell.

MIL is sick. All the time - like she's had 33 surgeries in her life. A few weeks ago (for those of you not on the proboard) MIL went to the hospital. Was told she had cancer and stage-4 cirrhosis of the liver. Well, it turns out all it was was a kidney stone. Well she still has stage-4 cirrhosis, but not the cancer. She made all these plans that in the next six months, she wants her two boys to go to Hawaii with her.

Of course, she doesn't think about the fact that she might have to get medical clearance to do any of this because she doesn't take care of herself. She's been drinking and telling everyone that tries to come to her to mind their own damn business and that it's her life. Oh vey.

For you newbies, my MIL is a witch and I can't stand excuse me for the lack of empathy/sympathy towards her.

So that trip to Hawaii. She wants to do it before March and she just wants her boyfriend and her sons to go. Oh and FI has to pay his own way - except for the hotel.

Um, at what point did she forget we were trying to get married in March. I know we hadn't set concrete plans but with the way she is, I'm glad we hadn't because we'd be screwed (FI has a tendancy to drop everything when his mom is sick and be right at her side, no matter how often it happens and everything else falls by the waste side).

Of course, there's a possibility now that she's okay (at least this week) that maybe we'll still get married, but it probably won't be where I want because FI wants his mom there (understandable) and she may have to get medical clearance and she may not be able to fly very far.

So back to square one of the drawing board.

I really am sick of this. Plus, I'm really jealous to see all these girls who have gotten engaged after me and see them get married before me). It's frustrating.

Vent over.

And, a courthouse wedding is out of the question. I want a beach wedding, that's the only thing I have ever wanted in my entire life for a wedding, so I won't budge on it. If it has to be some sh*tty Cali beach (compared to like Jamaica or something), then I guess it will be.

Yah, but that's why I haven't been posting lately...just really sour towards wedding because of MIL.
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