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I'm back! G/B/U Would/Wouldn't do

This post might be a huge mess, but here it goes... 

- The weather was great considering what it was the weeks before we left.  It only rained one day on our honeymoon..Mark and I used that to catch up on sleep. The wedding day was HOT, sunny and a little breezy which equals perfect to me.
-I was so nervous that someone wouldn't make their flights, but everyone arrived safely.
- The wedding day was perfect, besides my one ugly--see below.
-The food was AWESOME...everyone raved about it.
- Our WC was the BEST--seriously!! She's rated one of the top 25 DW WC and showed it!
-All our guests had a great time, which meant so much to DH and I.
- Our photographer was great, I'm so so excited to see our pictures.

- DH said his one bad was he couldn't understand the minister during our vows because of his stron accent, so he messed up a few words. He really feels bad about not getting the vows, but I thought it was funny.
- Everyone seemed to have a touch of the flu during the week...which leads to my Ugly.

Ok, now for my ugly:
- 2 days before the wedding DH got the stomach flu; which means he was in our room sick the day before the wedding when all our guests were there.  He attempted a snorkel cruise and spent most of the time in the bathroom.
- The night before the wedding I had the stomach flu, I was up all night going to the bathroom and had really bad stomach pains. I was so sick!! Thankfully my mom gave me some meds and I felt much better.  I didn't eat or drink the day of our wedding, but on the positive note I made it through!   

Woud Do:
- At first I didnt' think I would have done a DW wedding again, but after looking at pictures and seeing our guests reactions, I'd totally do it again.  The time we spend with our family was the best part!
- Off-site wedding, it was nice to get off the resort for an evening.
-Honeymoon w/out guests... we needed it, and very much enjoyed it  I would also switch resorts too. It was nice to have a change.
-get more snapshot pictures of us--I don't even have one for my siggy!

Wouldn't Do:
- I wish I wouldn't had tried to plan every detail.... things happened the way they did and made the day perfect. (ie. wearing shoes during our ceremony, my veil--all of it changed the minute before I went down the aisle)
 - I wish I would have tried to enjoy the day more.  I woke up not feeling the best; I cried alot because I was so tired.  The day just went so fast, I woke up the next morning sad because I hardly remembered anything, it was a big blur... I think I walked through the day a million times in my head to remember it.

My Advice to DW Brides:
be ready to spend a week with your in-laws.  I didn't think I would have a problem with it, but by the end of the week I was glad to see some of them leave.  You get to see a whole new side to people when you spend a week with them.

Re: I'm back! G/B/U Would/Wouldn't do

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