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Would do/Wouldn't do

Would Do
*Definitely a DW!!! It was honestly amazing, perfect, and i had the best week of my life with everyone. My one friend said it best...we had the best of both worlds because we had our wedding/vacation with our friends, and then alone time for our honeymoon
*Our OOT bags - i loved being at the pool and seeing our guests carrying the totes we got them or using the little goodies. I would put bug spray in them next time
*try to work out a deal with a photographer if you can - i was lucky because i had been talking to a girl on FB who got married at sandals whitehouse a few weeks before me so she gave me her photographers email. It saved us so much money!! The mini package we bought was $500 and we only had 6 8x10s and 18 5x7 printed, so now i have them all
*Definitely an all inclusive - my friends were a little iffy at first because it was a little pricey, but they all said they did not feel cheated with money because the food was amazing and they definitely had their money worth of drinks...EVERYDAY!
*our all inclusive was adults only, and if you do not need to have kids with you...that is honestly the way to go. Our guests that had kids left them at home and they were all commenting how nice it was being able to relax without little screamers running around Smile
*Upgrade our room - we had a basic room for the first few days and then the morning after the wedding we switched to a nicer room that had free room service, a huge tub, etc. It just made us feel like we were more on our honeymoon

Wouldn't do
*i am no where near a bridezilla, but i get stuck on little things and stress out about them! I wouldn't of stressed out if i would of known how nicely everything was going to turn out...i need to listen to the past brides more!
*take a connecting flight - we had it on our way there, and luckily everything went smoothly because if what happened on our way home happened when we were going there, it would of been terrible.
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