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Good Saturday Morning!!

We're off to pick up Duke this morning!  Woot woot!!

Driving up to Sacramento (about an hour and 15 minutes North) to have breakfast with my two older kiddos (and significant others) then we're going to get our newest addition to our family!!  So freaking excited!!

Hope you all have a great day!!

Re: Good Saturday Morning!!

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    Good morning

    awww how exciting your getting your puppy!! 

    Today I work and then go to the gym then come home.  rinse and repeat tomorrow....
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    Good morning!  I am going to start going through my closet and making sure FI and I have everything we need for the wedding and cruise and start my checklist.  I cannot believe I leave in 11 days!!
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    Shelli enjoy breakfast and the new puppy.  I forgot how much work they are.  Our newest addition has been at our house for 5 days and figured out how to escape from his house.  When Tim came home to take him out he was just chillin on the couch NBD. 

    This morning made FI and I breakfast before he went off to work and I've got cleaning and some shopping to do later...

    Have a great day!!
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    Good morning to all!

    Shelly, I'm so happy for you! My puppy is in NY and sometimes FI feels that I miss her more than I miss him... ashamed to say sometimes he is right.

    Denisse, 11 days! So exciting! Woot woot!

    Tomorrow is Father's Day here in DR, so I will be running around trying to get my Dad his well deserved gifts, with a very, VERY slim budget.

    In WR news, I will be visiting this wonderful restaurant that I have my eye on for the rehearsal dinner. Will let you know how does it go!

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    Good morning!

    I am off to get a haircut and then heading to a graduation party! Hoping the rain holds off!

    Have a good day!

    Shelli - ENJOY your puppy! Such an exciting day! I can't believe how big Baylee got in just 3 months! Can't wait to see pictures :)

    Denise - SO close! YAY!
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    Good morning ladies!

    i have to work later...right now catchin up on the dvr and am looking for puppies online (FI and I have been talking about it a lot lately) and Shelli's post made me think about it more Smile

    have a good day ladies! 
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    [QUOTE]Shelli - ENJOY your puppy! Such an exciting day! I can't believe how big Baylee got in just 3 months! Can't wait to see pictures :) Denise - SO close! YAY!
    Posted by Beth0413[/QUOTE]

    Denise...very exciting...enjoy every moment until you leave!
    Shelli...congrats on getting Duke today!  What a great addition!

    Today I'm cleaning the house and just lounging around.  Probably laundry too...very exciting I know!

    Yesterday my MOH and I went dress shopping.  Their dresses are super cute on!  Then I found a couple I liked and we took pics.  Once I get them I'll post 'em.  However, the Mori Lee I found was sold at the store so I didn't get to try it on again.  So needless to say I'll have to hunt down a store so I can see it again.  This I can tell is going to be a process!

    Enjoy your Saturday ladies!
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    Shelli- Eeeek! I'm so excited for you!! Make sure to take lots of pics when you get him home! :)

    I'm going to watch FI's ball hockey game at 3:00 then we're heading to my parent's house for dinner. Until then I'm just lounging on the couch watching tv ;)

    Have a great day ladies!
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    Awww I want a puppy too! Im so happy for you! Post lots of pics!

    Today I got Homework, Homework and guess what else....... Homework!

    Have a great weekend!
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