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PSA x 2: Passports!!!

Hi all from an old married :)  Hope everyone is doing well - lots of new faces!

I just read that passport fees are going to increase soon - no date, but it looks like expected on March 31?  Anyway, the prices are going up significantly so get your passports now!!!!  Article here and there's a Department of State press release too.

Also, no press release on this one yet, but the best opportunity to get a passport is probably the end of March at your local passport office or post office.  Last year, there was a "Passport Day in the USA" on March 28 and I am pretty sure this will be an annual event from now on so most likely March 27.

Pretty definite from my inside sources that these both will happen, so get your passport applications in quickly to save some extra money!

Hope this helps! I've got a good handle on passport stuff, so let me know if you need any advice.
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Re: PSA x 2: Passports!!!

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