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HELP INFO NEEDED ABOUT Cruse Ship Weddings!!!! :o)

Has anyone been or had a wedding on Carnival Cruse line sailing out of Long Beach. That is what we are thinking about doing but I would like to know a little more about it from someone who has acutely done it. I have spoken to Carnival and it seams like they handle everything and has great prices so it almost seams to good to be true. Laughing
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Re: HELP INFO NEEDED ABOUT Cruse Ship Weddings!!!! :o)

  • I am getting married on Carnival but out of San Diego. I would look at they a special wedding board that will be very helpful! 
  • Thank you so much, Ill check it out!!
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  • I"m getting married on the Carnival Legend out of Tampa and yes, they do take care of everything and I love it!  I am adding some personal touches to mine though.  We are doing the Welcome Aboard package and I will be bringing my own bouquets and cake topper because I do not like what they provided and their floral upgrades were outrageous.  But other than that, they are wonderful to work with.  Everytime I have a question I call them and they are so nice.  But I do agree with PP, check crusie critics, I found it very usefull.
  • I am not getting married onboard, but we are doing a Carnival cruise on the Liberty out of Miami. We are actually getting married at our 1st port which will be Cozumel. So far, they have handled everything, and if I have any questions, I just email my lady and she is really quick as responding. All together our actual wedding that we've booked and paid for thru Carnival has come to be about $2200. That is with our actual wedding package, the dressing room at the resort for myself, our marriage license, visas, and witnesses.
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