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Got off work yesterday, did the 30 day challenge. After that I had my marriage prep course to attend, and helped Cx move some furniture he's sold as the guy is coming up this morning to pick it up.

Not sure if it was while moving furniture or what it is, but as we were getting ready for bed I noticed a huge bruise coming out on my leg and around my knee, and my knee hurts A LOT. I have had surgeries on that knee before, so it concerned me a little. its still in a lot of pain today. Pending how it feels after work I may have to take a day off the challenge (I don't imagine burpees, jumping jacks or the wall sit would all help it too much right now).

As for food:
Breakfast - Blueberry muffin
Lunch - Chicken soup
Dinner - Chicken wraps with chicken, lettuce, cheese, mayo and hot sauce (FI makes them and grills, them SOOOO good!)

How is everyone else doing? Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends btw :)
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