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Friday Poll!!

Since it's slow, let's do another get-to-know-you poll!

Your name:
Your age:
Favorite vacation spot:
Biggest pet peeve:
Favorite music (type):
Random fact about you:

Re: Friday Poll!!

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    Your name: Randi
    Your age: 29
    Favorite vacation spot: Riviera Maya in Mexico- the beaches are BEAUTIFUL!
    Biggest pet peeve: lol, where do I start?
    Favorite music (type): Country, Pop
    Random fact about you: I can say my alphabet backwards-FAST
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    Your name: Carol
    Your age: 28
    Favorite vacation spot: At the moment its a tie between NYC and Rio de Janeiro
    Biggest pet peeve: People who give you attitude just because.
    Favorite music (type): Could hear salsa and bossa nova every day.
    Random fact about you: I said it today in a PP. I cross stitch! I am extremely hyper, so the fact that you need to be really careful with needlework forces me to relax and focus. Which is way this is my go to thing when I'm really, really stress out.
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    Your name: Kayla
    Your age: 22
    Favorite vacation spot: Myrtle Beach will always hold a special spot with me, but I have a feeling when we go on vacation in October (Most likely to Aruba) that will be my all-time favorite
    Biggest pet peeve: I lease apartments, and when people come in saying they have 1 question which turns into 5...just drives me INSANE!
    Favorite music (type): Country
    Random fact about you: I used to be in 4-H and raised lambs and pigs.  We used to spend a week at the county fair and I miss it!
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    Your name: Carey
    Your age: 34
    Favorite vacation spot: Tropical beaches
    Biggest pet peeve: Animal and child abusers
    Favorite music (type): 80s
    Random fact about you: I'm having 2 weddings in 2 countries (neither of which is home) within 7 days of each other.
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    Your name: Alysha
    Your age: 19
    Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere warm (I live in AK), soon my mostest favorite will be Puerto Vallarta!!
    Biggest pet peeve: Liars and Backstabbers!
    Favorite music (type): Reggaton, Hip Hop, Country
    Random fact about you: I still have a year and a half til my wedding and already I am fed up with the planning! Can't wait to start doing the DIY
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    Your name: Kate Doyle
    Your age: 24
    Favorite vacation spot: So far, Riviera Maya
    Biggest pet peeve: Exagerators(k, might be spelled wrong)....might as well be a liar
    Favorite music (type): Oooh I LOVE it all! oldies on the way to work, country during work and hip hop/pop on the drive home...
    Random fact about you: I moved to Utah never having ever visted the state prior to the move here.
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    Your name: Beckie
    Your age: 25
    Favorite vacation spot: Big Sur
    Biggest pet peeve: stupid drivers, that's my biggest one, tho I have others
    Favorite music (type): reggae rock - 311, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Bob Marley, etc.
    Random fact about you: I am not a morning person at all. I will bite someone's head off; truly I keep to myself until about 9 and then i start getting better
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    **Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again; Whenever I'm alone with you; You make me feel like I am whole again**
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    Your name: Kelly
    Your age: 31
    Favorite vacation spot: anywhere that has a beach.....seriously
    Biggest pet peeve: bad drivers
    Favorite music (type): I like just reg pop music, but I've been known to throw on the heavy metal when I'm having a bad day.
    Random fact about you:  Heavy metal helps me focus.  No idea why, but there is nothing like loud music to help me get stuff done.  :) (not sure if that is actually a fact)
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    Your name:  Jennifer
    Your age:  28
    Favorite vacation spot:  hmmm...anywhere that has a beach and I'm not working!  I love FL...probably that's why I'm getting married there!
    Biggest pet peeve:  backstabbers and people who are fake!
    Favorite music (type):  I love it all...hip hop, pop, country, rock
    Random fact about you:  I've meet Tom Hanks and President Bill Clinton
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    Your name: Brandi
    Your age: I'll be 24 three weeks from today
    Favorite vacation spot: NYC or Cancun
    Biggest pet peeve: People who are fake
    Favorite music (type): everything, honest.
    Random fact about you
    : I'm currently in the hospital quarantined with the boy I nanny. They think he (aka we) have meningitis. I brought him in because I thought he had chicken pox :0(
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    Your name: Lisa

    Your age: 34

    Favorite vacation spot: a cruise ship somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean
    Biggest pet peeve:  I only get ONE?  lol  I'd have to say people who don't control their demon spawn in public.  I'm a mom.  I know how difficult it can be.  But if you can't control them in public, leave them at home - I'm sick of your freakin kids playing chase through the clothes racks, slamming into people, knocking crap over, and screeching like a bat outtahelll.

    Favorite music (type): country & Disney soundtracks

    Random fact about you:  I have a fascination with accents.  So if you have one, I'll gladly give you my phone number and you can just read to me from the phone book for a while.  It'll make my day.
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    Your name: Christi
    Your age: 27
    Favorite vacation spot: Outer Banks, NC (or Lake Erie for short trips)
    Biggest pet peeve: Noises my FI makes while eating, biting his nails, popping his toes, etc.  I teach third grade so I hear all of this noise all day long.  Then, I come home and want peace and quiet for a LITTLE bit, but FI can't do anything quietly. :)
    Favorite music (type): alternative/rock
    Random fact about you: I want to write a children's book or teacher education book some day.

    06.24.11 OBX, NC
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    Woah Brandi..... back up.... you're QUARANTINED in a hospital?  OMG!!!!  How are you feeling and when do they think you'll be better?  *Sends get well soon vibes*
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    Your name:  Jillian
    Your age:   25
    Favorite vacation spot: The Bacardi Plant in Puerto Rico, or on a cruise anywhere
    Biggest pet peeve:  At the moment...a certain someone at my job that i cannot stand
    Favorite music (type): i listen to alot of everyhting...mostly r&b
    Random fact about you: i have a jersey accent (so i've been told, i dont hear it) ....thats as jersey as i get..lisa this isnt one of those awesome accents like the ppl from
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    Wow, this was a fun poll to read the answers to! 

    Mel, lol, I've never heard that touching one's ears bothers someone!  My somewhat odd heebie-jeebies thing is when the carpet gets rubbed by anything! Like if people rub their hands or feet on the carpet, that's the worst!

    Brandi, I hope you get out of the hospital soon and do not catch anything!! 

    I'm with you guys on the bad drivers!  Probably one of my biggest pet peeves too.

    Christi - I hate listening to my husband pop his knuckles, back, toes, etc.! I swear he waits until he's in close proximity to do it too (like in the car, yuck!).  And then he tries to pop my toes, lol.

    Lisa, I love accents too, and Jillian, I doubt yours would be an exception! :)
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