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New here- Trying to narrow down tropical DW venues


I am new here and actually married already-- in fact, my 10th anniversary is right around the corner.  I cant believe how quickly it goes!

My wedding was big and beautiful in a lovely catering hall in NY, but not at all what I really wanted-- I did it mostly the way my folks wanted me to. 

On our honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband and I promised to celebrate our 10th anniversary by renewing our vows on a beautiful, tropical beach somewhere- our way. 

So here we are nearly 10 years later...all FOUR of us!  :) Our two sons will be ages 6 and 2 at the time of our planned trip (March 2013), and we want to make our promise to each other come true. 

We are looking for a place in the Carribean, Hawaii or possibly Mexico or S. America, that is beautiful, elegant, modern, and ideally would have a kids activity camp type thing as many of our friends have small kids.  Actually an all-inclusive would be ideal but would have to be one that is not cheesy or campy (we are not Disney or Club Med types)

I would love to hear about your favorite resorts. 

Thanks so much!  It is really fun to be doing this all over again 10 years later! :)
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