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WTF Wednesday!

So, I'm sitting at my computer putting a few contracts together for upcoming events I'm doing, and a warning pops up on my screen saying:  "A USB Device is Malfunctioned, please disconnect said device to save power from the Hub" or something very similar to that...   I look under my desk, and there is Duke:  cute little Duke, who has been an absolute joy since we've brought him home on Saturday, and he's CHEWING ON MY SONY READER USB CABLE.  He freaking chewed right through all the wires.  UGH.  The ONLY way to charge my Reader is via the USB cable.  GREAT.... just freaking GREAT!!!

The joys of having a puppy.  I mean, I'd almost rather him have peed in the house.... (which thankfully he hasn't ONCE since we've brought him home.)

Brian is going to have a field day with this.


Re: WTF Wednesday!

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    Oh, and here's ANOTHER major WTF...

    This article has actually been circulating around on FB, and I was appalled when I first saw it yesterday.

    Seriously... WTF was this 19 year old mother thinking?!?

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    WTF delicious pumpkin loaf! A friend made me one yesterday and I love pumpkin so much that the loaf is almost gone... this is NOT on my diet list! WTF pumpkin loaf - why must you be so deliciously irresistible!
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    WTF stupid rash from giving blood! I have had this stupid rash since I woke up on Saturday's only on my left arm, and very itchy! I have NEVER had allergic reactions to anything! GO AWAY! So, now I have to go to the Dr. this afternoon to get something stronger than aloe or hydrocortisone because I barely slept last night due to it itching!! UGH! 
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    WTF loan officer.  I came in 4 days ago, and you said you would call me back, NO CALLS yet!  I am getting very impatient and I want to know what is going on.  Ugh, hurry up already and get this going!
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    WTF Susan G Komen!  Why is it we have to raise a MINIMUM of $2,300 to walk in the 3 Day or we have to PAY the difference?!?!  Why punish people who have worked so hard to fundraise by not letting them walk just because they haven't quite made the $2,300 goal.  I can't afford to pay the difference!!

    Disclaimer:  I LOVE this cause and am happy to raise money because it is wonderful.  I have been involved in the 3 day for many years and am just slightly frustrated because I am having a hard time with my fundraising this year......I really want to walk.....
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    WTF wedding venue?!? I emailed you with questions almost 5 days ago and have yet to hear back anything.

    And WTF Verizon with their crucial corporate layoffs. I'm very worried for my FMIL.
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    WTF whatever was in my eye!  GET OUT!  Well hopefully it is out but my eye is still all red and watery today. 
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    WTF! So many calls and issues coming up at work. I have been on the phone since 8:40 this morning! I looked up and it was 20 min passed my lunch! At least my other co-worker was out so I'm not intruding on anyone elses lunch. I'd usually just come back at my usual time. But then another co-worker made a big deal about me going later because they wanted to go earlier since our co-worker was not there for their normal lunch break. Seriously? You're saying it's not your problem I'm going to lunch late but it's a two way street buddy. I have a right to use that extra 20 minutes since it's neither of our lunch breaks. Don't claim something that's not yours. I was going to come back in 40 minutes, not 60, but since you aggravated me by always thinking of yourself I'm taking my full hour. >=(.
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    WTF FFIL.....wednesday is OUR day...y do u have to come over to  see your son of all days. ur so random.  now i have to actually put on clothes (im in pajamas rignt now but was about to  go to TMI
    thanks for killing my day FFIL.
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    WTF weather?! I was so excited to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine today after we finished our errands. Of course that whole time it was sunny and nice. Does it not start to rain 2 minutes after we pull in our driveway? UGH!
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    WTF, why do u have to call and complain about the bridal shower and bacholerette party and I'm not throughing it!! I barely know the time of the event let along anything else.  You talk to my bestfriend about it and u didnt like what she said so u call me....What is up with that!!!! I dont need this stress now.  This is why I'm gettin married In jamiaca and not here.  Would have been to much of a hassle!
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    WTF!!!  Dang juvenile kids!!!  Why can't you follow the rules!!  I don't like to be waken up by police to go in and deal with you!!!  Now I'm funcitoning on 3 hours sleep!!!!
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    WTF me!  Why do you keep having cravings for Taco Bell or something covered in ranch dressing?  You know I can't eat any carbs.
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    WTF job!! I HATE my hours! We get the keys to our new place tonight at 5pm, and I DON'T get to be there b/c of work :(


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    WTF, migraine? A whole week bothering me? That's just cruel. Let go of me!

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