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HELP!! Trying to find a location - weekend experience, beach wedding

hi there. hoping for advice/help from you all. my fiance and i got engaged mid-December. we are wanting a summer 2011 wedding, which means we are running out of time to book something.

here's the deal: we want no more than 80 people at our wedding. assuming if we do destination, there will be less than that, which is fine.

we live in nyc and are both pretty busy with work, so flying back and forth to the venue is not really an option when doing the planning stages.

more than anything i want an experience for our guests and for it to be a big party, with the wedding as the side note. we want casual elegant. all that being said, i do have definite opinions on how i want my wedding not to look and the quality i expect from vendors, etc.

does anyone have any suggestions of great places they have held their weddings? we are thinking Carribbean or Mexico, but with either weather is obviously a factor.

in terms of budget, we really don't have a set one. it kind of depends on what we end up doing, as weird as that sounds. but, morally, i don't want to end up spending what could be a down payment on a house on this experience.

thanks knotties!!!

bride running out of time
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