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I'm new! (And slightly overwhelmed...) (long)

Hi Ladies!

My FI and I have been engaged since November and for the last 5 months have been planning our "dream" wedding in my hometown of St Augustine, FL.... Lots of things started going wrong and we just decided to scrap the whole thing and get married at Secrets Capri Riviera Maya (which is where we had booked out honeymoon).

I've done a little back reading on this board, and am so glad to see that I'm not the only bride to get discouraged by the stressful planing of a HUGE at home wedding.... Now I wish we had just started planning a destination wedding to begin with!

I have a slight problem- our wedding was already a semi-destination wedding for most of our guests and planned for a Friday night, so we sent out our STDs about a week before making this huge decision to move the wedding to Mexico. What is the best way to let our guests know about the change? We were thinking maybe postcards from Cancun with a little message? Do we have to call all 150 guests who got STDs?

I just realized that this is pretty long, sorry! I am so excited to find this board and see what everyone's tips and ideas are for their weddings, it's such a huge departure from the traditional ball room wedding that we started planning....

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