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Recessional Music

I have our processional music picked out but I am having a hard time with the recessional music.  I really don't want anything traditional so I was hoping you awesome ladies could give me some ideas and just remember, our wedding is aboard a cruise ship. TIA!!

Re: Recessional Music

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    I used "Beautiful Day" by U2.
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    For fun:  The Love Boat theme song (which is now stuck in my head!)

    I love David Gray's "Sail Away"...but you might want to read the lyrics too...great song, but I believe he also talks about a lost love, so hmmmmm.

    Bob Marley's "Don't Rock the Boat" - it's Bob...LOVE HIM!  And, the lyrics to this one are very sweet.

    I also love, love "Sea of Love" by Cat Powers (that song is in my bio too if you haven't heard's from the Juno soundtrack).

    There's a bunch of Jimmy Buffett songs...but you probably don't want to play anything about "looking at 40" or being a "son of a sailor"...

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    We're using "They Love Each Other" by the Grateful Dead
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    You're gonna laugh --- we picked "Good Time" by Allan Jackson (I believe).

    That song was stuck in our heads on our last vacation to Florida with Jared's family in 2008, and we thought that would produce a chuckle or two. Plus, we were certainly having a Good Time!

    Turns out we really didn't have a recessional, as they played the song during our sand ceremony --- and then we had a champagne toast --- and then they announced us as a couple --- and then we just hung around the gazebo for pictures. Whoops! 

    Pick something fun that has meaning to the both of you --- that's my suggestion.
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