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This just keeps getting better!

So I posted last week/end about FI and I deciding to extend our Weddingmoon to Mexico by 2 days, making it a 10 day stay.  So I emailed the TA to see what we had to do to officially make the change since we were both so gung ho about adding some time...Well, I talked to my TA and 2 good things came out of this...

1. It's not even $300 to add the additional 2 days onto our stay
2. Palace Resorts has a vacation dollar promo going on right now, and since we're staying longer, we're getting an extra $500 vacation dollars to be used on upgrades, private beach dinner, excursions, etc...That makes it a total of $2000 (Only $300 can be used at the spa though, darnit!)

But all in all, it is definately a great thing we decided to extend two more nights!  I'm so excited, more so now!

That is all!
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