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Save the date w/response card?

Hey all,

Fi and I just decided to get married in St Lucia in December, ceremony at Pigeon island.  Looking into reception venues in that area, many can only accommodate around 75 guests.  I've got a large family and would like to invite everyone so we'll be inviting over 300 people.  Everyone's mostly from the NY region, but about 50 of them from Europe.  So, it'll be a big expense for anyone to make the trip down, plus it's holiday season so that'll be hard for many ppl to pull off.  So, we're really not expecting half the people to be able to make it.  But, ya never know who's looking for an excuse to take a vacay!  So, I'm starting to wonder how I'm gonna pick a reception venue without having any idea how many people will come.  I'm sure  I can just pick a place that accommodates 150 people and probably be okay, but that doesn't leave me with as many options.  

My sister suggested sending a save the date with a response card, to get a feel for it.  She thinks if I use humor in the yes, no, maybe options, that it won't come off as totally weird or rude to ask.  

Has anyone else run into a similar issue?  Or has anyone ever heard of doing this?  (I haven't)    Thanks for any input!
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