Rue La La ---Priscilla of Boston Deal

Just wanted to let everyone know, there's a Rue La La sale for Priscilla of Boston today --- $250 for $500 toward a wedding dress or $75 for $150 toward bridesmaid dresses. 

I called the store to inquire whether I could purchase one for each of my BMs, and they said that if each BM comes into the store and individually presents their voucher, that's fine.   They also said that I could pay for the the remainder of each dress without any issues. 

They have a bunch of really cute BM dresses in the $160-$180 range, so it could be a really great deal!

Let me know if you want/need a Rue la la invite code!
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Re: Rue La La ---Priscilla of Boston Deal

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    I'll take that code! That's where we are going BM dress shopping on Saturday :)
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    Oh great!  They said that the voucher would be good for any new purchases (i.e. if you'd already gotten a dress there, you can't go back and apply it) that would work out perfectly!!  The only downside is the voucher "sale" ends tomorrow night.  But if your friend is sure she wants to get BM dresses there, it's a fabulous deal!

    Anyway, here's an invite code for Rue: In the interest of full disclosure, if you do sign up and purchase something from Rue la la, I get a credit to my account.  So feel free to sign up on your own on the website, if you prefer!

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    I just blogged about the deal.  I'm wondering if you can use it for sample dresses.  You could get a steal that way!
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    Thanks, Lauren! I will, of course, have to make sure we are doing POB dresses first! I appreciate the heads-up! :)
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