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Hey, ladies! How's everyone doing on accountability this weekend?! I'm going to keep posting this until Britt gets back.

Yesterday was pretty good for me. I worked an event and didn't eat a single piece of candy we had on the table. I buy really good candy to give out and can't believe I didn't eat any! I also went to the gym and did a work-out like my trainer would give me! That's 4 times of going to the gym. Yay!

Breakfast: 1 egg on half a slice of toast with half a slice of cheese and a veggie sausage link.

Lunch: half order of thai chrunch salad from calirornia pizza kitchen and 1 slice of their pear gorgonzolla pizza with field greens on top. Yum!

Dinner: 2 more slices of the pizza

Snack: hot chocolate and pumpkin spice latte

How many times did you make it to the gym this past week? How was your eating yesterday?
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