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In honor of WTF Wednesday-

Update on my dress saga-

Monday they said it was in Oklahoma and should be in Tuesday.

Today they said they aren't sure where it is, it should have been in yesterday!


I ordered the dress on April 10. They said it should be in no later than June. It came in the first weekend of July and was DEFECTIVE. They had to order a new one and it "should be in within weeks".

Here we are almost in October and I HAVE NO DRESS!

The wedding is in 73 days!

Re: In honor of WTF Wednesday-

  • Grrr...how does it just go "MIA" !? :-( I'm so sorry they are really giving you the run around!
  • I've paid a little more than half and when I go in, I'm going to demand that we call it even and they give me the dress.

    I really think they have no idea where it is- they won't give me the UPS tracking number!
  • I definitely know what you're going through. Makes you lose your mind almost. They deal with tons of brides so they're not in any hurry to provide the customer service they agreed to initially. Ugh!!! WTF! sorry hon.

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  • WTF?!

    Is your dress lost on my cancelled flight somewhere in the Bermuda triangle?!
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  • I would throw one hell of a fit at the store.  And they SHOULD give you your money back since the dress was not delivered as promised.  If they give you any flack tell them you are going to contact the BBB AND put your experience online so others know to beware!

    Sorry, this just completely sucks!  How do you lose a dress?!!?
  • you're now making me rethink my decision to go with Alfred Angelo. I really couldn't stand this headache...I'd go nuts.

    Hope they get it figured out now and stop wasting your time.

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