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The Good!!! LONG!

The Good!

Well this is almost everything! We had a blast, the weather was amazing and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! We got in Thursday morning and I had heard over and over the court house in Vegas is always packed so we went there first. No line! It took us about 3 minutes and we were out!!! We then went and picked up tuxes for the guys there, there was lots of alterations needed so I am glad we did this first thing! Then we just hung out with our friends and family Thursday and Friday. 

Saturday was so nice and relaxing! I started out the day with a massage! Highly recommended! Especially after walking the strip for the past 2 days, it helped out sooooo much! Then I went back took a bubble bath, ate some lunch and just hung out with FI’s for an hour or so before he had to head out. We exchanged letters that morning, which I loved! Husband forgot his at home so while I got my massage he had to write me a new one but its something I will keep forever, I LOVED doing this!!!! Then 2 pm the hair and makeup ladies arrived, I did the airbrush makeup and I think it turned out great!!! And it lasted all night, till past 3 am!!! Loved my hair but wish I would have done a trial… it wasn’t exactly like the picture I wanted but after we started taking pictures I fell in love with it. We were completely ready by 4 pm… wedding at 8... So we just hung out in our room and drank some mimosas.  And it turned out one of my sisters friends who I invited has shot some weddings, since we only had a professional photographer for the ceremony and a short time after we took lots of pictures for us! I think they turned out great. We ended up going down to the hotel loby and shooting lots of pictures, so funny we had about 20 guys throughout the night that asked to take pictures with me. 

We got to the wedding location about  7:15 did some pre wedding photos with my family, everyone got there early so we were able to start earlier! The weather was perfect at that time, not too hot or cold. Lots of white lights and I married my best friend! Our ceremony was VERY short, which is what we wanted so we could do more pictures. 

We did a small in suite reception at Husbands parents condo. We did cupcakes, sandwich platters and drinks. It was perfect, cupcakes turned out AMAZING! The looked and tasted great! We were only in the room for about an hour until we decided to go out on the town, so we danced and partied at Margaritaville and then I love this Bar and Grill until 3 am then Husband and I headed back to our room to call it a night!

The rest of the trip was very relaxing, lots of laying by the pool and doing whatever we wanted!!!!
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