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So ... I have been thinking that I was going to go totally light on flowers and just bring my own centerpieces down to KW to save $$.  BUTTT ... the more I think about it, I just don't want to deal with having to worry about all that!  Soooo... I upped my flower budget from $500 to like $1500 ... 120 ppl wedding I'm thinking.  I had a consult yesterday with the florist and told her we could do flowers on every other table and like some candles or something on the other ones to save money.  And, I'll also prob do without bouts for the boys, also to save $$. 

Sooo .... my question for those of you in a similar situation - what do you think is reasonable to pay for flowers?  I know some people that spent like 6K - no way in hell am I doing that... I'd rather have a longer open bar than 6K in flowers, ya know?  They're sending me a proposal next week ... just wondering what I should expect....
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