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Venting (as I'm shaking head in disbelief) as much as I'm OCD and like to have all my ducks in a row...this wedding has lead me to not be as organized as I'd like.  It seems that whenever I make plans they fall apart.  Thus far, my STD envelopes were sealed before I could put the invite in them.  So FI and I unsealed 100 envelopes (FUN).  Then just to even reserve the beach for our wedding was a mess...then I had the County call and try to convince me to change our location because of a sand sculpting festival because ALL other brides bailed (not so much....means less weddings on the beach for me!).  Then today, after our wedding coordinator hooked me up with a travel agent who said that we had a room block, turns out when I called the hotel today to reserve my mom's room they had no record of our block.  Just makes me shake my head. Really?!?! Really?!?  So I'll sent an e-mail to confirm it's the right hotel and also got the number for the general manager so if need be I can confirm it myself. 
Oh well...I'm just learning that through all this I have no control...which is a hard lesson to learn.
Thanks for listening!
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