Sorry MIA

Sorry I have been MIA ladies- we have been really busy lately, with travel, holidays, sickness, and a new puppy (yes, a new puppy!  She's 14 weeks old, and the new love of my life!).  Honestly, I have had barely enough time for facebook, but now that things are settling down (and the pup is learning really fast), I will hopefully be around quite a bit more!

How was everyone's holiday?  Plans for NYE?  We are heading to my grandma's on New Years to eat Pork and Saurkraut (any other Germans around here, LOL).  My sister leaves for Study Abroad on Friday as well (India, Ethiopia, Thailand, Egypt, and Jordan), so we are celebrating tomorrow with her, as we won't have communication the entire time she's gone (6 weeks).

Hope everyone's planning is going wonderful, and welcome to the newbies that I haven't seen or met yet!

Also, BP/Steffie, can one of you email me please?  [email protected]  Thank you!

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