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Mish Mosh Mash Theme :(

I have no "theme"   I picked a main wedding color, and decided those would be the color of the BM dresses & GM ties.   Then I decided since we were doing minimal decorations, and keeping everything simple, we'd make our flowers really bright & fun.   Then our invites ended up with flowers.   And then the OOT totes.  Then the koozies.   Flowers have taken over my wedding.   Which is ok....but now I dont know what to do about my escort cards.    

I had thought I wanted to do sand dollars, and double them as keepsake ornaments.   But now i dont know.   I have no sand dollars anywhere else.   Is it gonna look silly? 

And what about my postcard guestbook table?   I need a pen cup, and a box to put the postcards in.   what the heck am i going to do about that!? 

I feel like my simple, no theme approach is backfiring and Im going to have different crap all over, nothing is going to match, and its going to look low rent.   

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