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Past Brides...did you have Photo Booth?

One thing with having a wedding here in NYC is that you can easily rent things. Not so sure if there are any Photo Booths we can rent in the Dominican Republic!!!! It's the one thing me and my FI really wanted when we first started talking about marriage. A couple of my friends had them and they were always a hit! Anyone has any clue as to whether or not there are vendors in the DR that rents photo booths?

Re: Past Brides...did you have Photo Booth?

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    I don't. But I have been to weddings with photo booths and agree they are a big hit! You can set up your own, although i think that's a ton of work.

    So here's what we're doing for our AHR. I was at a reception where they did this and I'm hijacking the idea. We're getting a polaroid camera (hey! they're coming back!) and having guests take their pictures then writing a message at the bottom for us. They can take one for themselves if the want too.
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    I can't help you with vendors in the DR, but the photobooths are a big hit at traditional receptions!  I have several April brides on our Club Board that are doing this.  I really, really, wanted to do this at our AHR in Minnesota, but the average price I found was $995.  Uh...yeah, totally out of our budget, especially since we're having two AHR's. 

    I think they're awesome though!!!
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    We saw one at a bridal show and wanted to book it, but it just wasn't within the budget. These posts make me want to reconsider!
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    I think we're willing to ship the darn thing hahha. It's so much fun! Really want one :-(. Not everyone is going to the AHR and we feel it's not the same. sigh.
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