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Follow up to AJmom's I Spy...

Hello everyone!

Omg, I'm so happy AJmom posted that I spy thing!


I had never seen that before.  This leads me to ask:  Are any of you going to be putting disposable cameras on the tables or is that so 1995? 

I personally love the idea of having to go develop film (and I would probably do half the tables in color and the other half in black and white) and getting a wonderful surprise.

I realize we live in this technological time (it's so funny FI is so technological and a computer programmer and I'm practically a luddite) and that those upload picture card things have been discussed but that just seems like extra work to me (I know I'd probably never get around to uploading my pics). 

So is anyone providing disposable cameras?

ETA: Black& white disposable cameras are expensivish :(

Re: Follow up to AJmom's I Spy...

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    No....we went to a wedding last fall that did this and we all kind of felt like we had gone back in time 10 years. I think the photo booth is the new "disposable camera" trend, and our photographers are doing a vintage-themed photo booth staffed by one of their main photographers for us.  I just don't think disposable cameras are worth it - the photo quality is total crap. 

    I think the idea of having people upload photos to shutterfly will get you much better quality pictures but accomplish the same thing as the disposable cameras as well. We are planning to pass out cards with our wedding shutterfly account so that we can see our guest's candid photos and guest group shots that people take. 
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    Ditto Butterfly. Almost everyone is going to have a digital camera of some sort (most phones have very decent cameras nowadays) so I think you'll be fine. My FI wanted to do the disposable camera thing when I first showed him the I Spy cards, but I talked him out of it :)
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    Just a heads up for those who are using the disposable cameras, they're kind of expensive to have made into prints!  The walgreen's & CVS here it was like $7 per camera to develop...may not be that bad, but it was kinda expensive according to friends who used them at their wedding.
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    We are just counting on guests to have camera's and then upload the photos (I need to set up a photo album for that).  I had a friend who did the disposable thing a couple years ago and had a few camera's get lost at the reception.  They never did turn up.  
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    We were originally thinking about doing this because they sell really cute wedding disposable cameras. But like PPs said, after thinking about it, it seemed like a waste. The photo quality would be terrible and all of my friends always bring their digital cameras to events like this anyway. I know someone who did this and it cost them almost $500 to get them all developed!
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    From what I have heard/seen, the quality of the photos sucks and also the majority of the photos taken also sucks. Kids and drunk people get a hold of them and you spend a ton of money to get them developed and end up with few good pictures. 
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