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Ipod Reception?

Have any of you ladies done an Ipod reception?   Im thinking about it, but I dont know how I would go about "special" songs.  LIke, we really want to do our first dance, and have music during cake cutting.   How would one go about stopping the music to make everyone aware that these were important moments? 

Re: Ipod Reception?

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    we are doing this.  The only "special" songs we are putting in are our first dane and father daughter dance.  The rest of the music is just a big mix of songs we like.  As for the stopping and starting of the musc I think we will just ask someone to do it for us.  I'm really nto too worried about it. if the music gets messed up you can stop it and start the playlist over again haha
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    We are doing this also but our wedding music is going on a CD and will be played by the Sandles wedding people. We aren't doing any special dances at the reception so it will just be a playlist we pick that plays.
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    We have been thinking about doing this too.  We don't really care to hire a band or dj and would rather just pay for the speakers and play music we like.   I would just make playlists and try to designate someone to be the official IPod person.  Or at least have someone keep an eye on it. 
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    we did this for our DW and it worked out perfectly. I bought a portable ihome to use and it was loud enough for everyone to hear (and our reception was on the beach with the waves crashing!). When we were doing cake cutting, i had my MOH turn the appropriate song on and the wedding person from sandals announced we were doing our cake cutting. When we did our first dance, we just had my MIL announce it and someone put the right song worked out fine!
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