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DWBrides Bio Update

Hello again, ladies! I just wanted to thank all of you for donating to the hosting fee for the DWBrides Bio - we are all paid up for this year!!

Half of the funds for the hosting fee came from the Knottie Knot fund, so a huge thank you to the Knottie Knot ;-)

Happy weddings!

Re: DWBrides Bio Update

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    You girls ROCK!!  The DW Brides bio is a very awesome resource for those who are in the beginning stages of planning their DW. 

    A HUGE thank you to MissRancher for keeping it updated and administering of the site!

    Another HUGE thank you to those who donated!  Keep in mind, you can donate through out the year so that when renewal of the fees are due again, the fee balance won't be so high!! 

    Just log into the site: and click on the Donate button!!!
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