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Beach destination wedding 2.5 hrs north

Hello everyone.  My fiance and I have decided to get married up north 2.5 hrs away from where almost all of our friends & relatives live because that is where we fell in love and thats where we love to go to get away :-)  I have the ceremony & reception booked on a beach and have been receiving a lot of pushback from both my mom and his.  Neither of them seem to like the idea & keep jabbing at how they dont think anyone will want to make the trek.  We keep saying this is our day, this is where we want it, and if people come great, if people dont, oh well.  Any ideas on what to say the next time one of them or someone else has a snarky comment about it?  I want to be polite, but it's starting to wear on me.  Its not like it's in another state or you need to book a plane flight.  
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