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NWR: Vibes please? *updated with PIP*

I could use those vibes and happy thoughts.  I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't the end of the world, but it does suck pretty bad right now. My classroom flooded. Again.  It happened two years ago on Christmas Eve and I took on about 8 inches of water.  I had to do most of the salvaging myself and lost a lot of books and supplies, including bookshelves that rotted due to sitting in the water so long and many of the books that came down with them.  I hate to even say the amount of money invested in my classroom compared to what the school was able to replace and compensate me for. 

I just got the call (from a coworker, not the school) that my classroom flooded again.  It didn't take on as much water, but this time it came through the roof instead of under the door. In some ways, I think it will be better than last time because it didn't cover the whole room and in others worse since it sort of rained. It (of course) hit my classroom reading corner which holds 1500 books I've purchased myself.  She said my rug had been pulled up and there were buckets and fans in place.  I'm expecting a mess come Monday and will hate having to tell the kids.  Two other classrooms took on a little bit of damage too, but she said mine got the biggest part of the water.  FI offered to go out there so I can prepare myself and clean what I can before the kids come back, so we'll probably do that. 

If you could send those happy thoughts our way, I'd appreciate it.

06.24.11 OBX, NC
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