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Would/Wouldn't Do I'm not gonna lie...doing these next 2 posts definitely makes all what happened more real as odd as that sounds!  ;)

Would Do:
*Destination Wedding...hands down best thing ever.  Doing one in FL was great for those that wanted to drive or fly.
*Have a separate honeymoon.  We flew to St. Lucia 2 days later to have our time, best thing!
*Beach bbq...while planning it I thought it'd be "trashy" since it was in their pavilion but it was so low key and just a nice time to spend with our family/friends that came.
*Welcome dinner the night before
*OOT bags, all the guests loved the goodies
*Honored my dad by having a rose placed on his chair to signify his spot
*Bouquet charm of my dad & me on the very beach was I getting married on
*Have realtouch flowers for the girls and fresh for one could tell the difference
*Use they made my vision come to life
*Stick to my guns and get married at sunset even though Parks & Rec told me the sand sculpting festival would be too crazy...we were the only wedding there at that time when there could've been 2 others!

*Hmmm, besides limit alcohol for my mom and MIL at the welcome dinner...can't think of anything!

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