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So. I'm getting together lists of everything I am getting everyone for christmas and from where, that way when next Friday comes, I'll be really prepared. Well here's the thing. I'm buying for FH's dad and brother in law. But I am completely lost on what to get them. Last year I got FH dad a gift card to a restaurant just because I was so incredibly clueless. And didn't even get his BIL anything. This year though I'd like to get something a little more personable.

Here's a little about their personalities:
FH's dad: a real manly man; cop; likes guns and knives and fighting; smokes
FH's BIL: very laid back; drinks and smokes all the time; loves to cook and barbeque; has three little girls

I hope y'all can give me some ideas!!! Pleeeease and thanks in advance!

P.S. For FH's mom and sister, last year I got them bath/lotion stuff from B&BW. This year I was thinking pajama sets from VS? What do you think?

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