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Symbolic ceremony in Mexico and Catholic ceremony back home? Is this possible?

So my fiance and I are both Catholic, but we prefer to have our "big" wedding on the beach. After doing a lot of research, I realize it is not possible to have a Catholic ceremony outside of the church. It is important to our families though that we have a valid *Catholic* marriage.

So - I've been reading about the non-legal ceremonies they have in Mexico and have civil ceremonies to make it legal back home. Is it possible to have a symbolic ceremony in Mexico and then come home and have a small Catholic wedding? Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Symbolic ceremony in Mexico and Catholic ceremony back home? Is this possible?

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    I'm planning on getting marred in the Dominican but the information is probably similar.
    The resort we're planning on getting married at offers a Catholic ceremony but it is not legal. It's merely a symbolic Catholic ceremony and in order to pick this option you must be legally married in your home country. 

    Also, you can pick a non-denominational wedding ceremony that is not legaly binding, then go home and marry in the church after. The resort you choose to marry at can probably provide you with more info on your options.

    I hope this helped a bit! :)

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    Yes.  You will have to go through all the classes at your home parish first, though.  A Catholic wedding ceremony doesn't HAVE to be a full mass (although that's definitely pushed by most parishes) - they CAN do a 20-ish minute ceremony and it will be legal in the Catholic Church as long as you've taken the classes, are married by a priest in a Church, etc.  You don't even have to invite anyone or wear your wedding dress again.  You can do the ceremony quietly in the Church or chapel at the friary with just the 2 of you and 2 witnesses at any time. 

    I would call your home parish and explain the situation and see what they say.  Most of the time they recommend you do the Catholic ceremony PRIOR to any symbolic ceremony, simply because in Mexico you will be "acting" as husband and wife in the privacy of your hotel room, and that's something that is supposed to be reserved for after you're legally married.
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    One of the resorts I've been looking at has a Catholic Chapel on site and it's a Catholic ceremony...for the life of me I can't find it now. Maybe El Dorado Royale? Secrets Maroma Beach??

    I'll keep looking and let you know!
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    We did the opposite.  We were legally married in Antigua and then had our marriage blessed at home in a Catholic Church.  We only did a brief ceremony for the blessing, but you can have them do it as the full length mass if you want.
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