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Update and Checks!!!

Hi ladies,

As some of you may recall, we were originally planning a DW in St. Thomas.  We then changed our minds and decided to have a small wedding closer to home in Las Vegas and go to St. Thomas for our honeymoon.  Well, we are now booked for Mandalay Bay (Valley of the Falls) on April 14, 2012, and I also booked our photographer.  It seems like just a week ago I was so stressed not knowing what direction to go in and now I feel such relief knowing that 2 of the biggest decisions are done.

Also, I had to take my E-ring in to the jeweler since one of the diamonds fell out and I had been without it for 2 weeks.  I just got it back yesterday so its safe to say this was a GREAT few days for me.

Thanks for listening, happy planning and happy Friday Smile.

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